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When is the right age to start getting a facial?

Woman having a facial mask applied

The short answer to “When is the right age to start getting a facial?” Anyone can benefit from a facial, no matter their age! The soothing and healing properties of facial treatments and facial massage can be helpful to all skin ages and types.

One group in particular who can reap considerable benefits from facial treatments is teenagers. Hormonal fluctuations and the process of puberty can wreak havoc on our bodies, causing the dreaded ‘teenage skin’ where oiliness and breakouts become the norm.

In this blog, we will take you through how facial treatments can aid the health and healing of teenage skin in particular and how starting treatments at an early age can promote skin longevity and overall maintenance.

The importance of proper skincare from a young age

Caring for skin in our teenage years can be pretty tricky. Hormonal fluctuations can cause excess oil and sweating, resulting in painful acne and other teenage skin problems. It is important to find the right products and appropriate teenage skin treatments to help manage these pesky hormonal fluctuations and know how to properly care for your skin during this sensitive time.

Here are some of the ways that facial treatments can aid with teenage skin care:

  • Teach teens healthy skincare habits – One of the greatest benefits of getting facials from a young age is that it teaches teenagers and young people to correctly care for their skin, empowering them to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. We would also recommend creating your own teenage skin care kit to keep skin maintained and healthy between treatments.
  • Manage and soothe flare-ups – Teenage skin can be notoriously temperamental, being more prone to flare-ups as hormones fluctuate. Regular facial treatments can help soothe these flares and keep the discomfort or acne, and other dermal issues at bay.
  • Deterrent from self-extractions – Skin picking, squeezing and popping can be irresistible at times, but it does more damage than good, often leading to scarring or infection. Regular extractions during facial treatments can help deter teens from squeezing their own spots, clearing up the sebaceous filaments in the skin and reducing further breakouts.
  • Self-esteem boost – A facial freshen-up can massively boost self-esteem, which is often lacking in our teenage years. Skin confidence can be truly life-changing for young people and can give them the drive to go out and conquer the world.

Passionate about helping people care for their skin?

Skin therapists, or estheticians, require a keen eye and extensive dermatological knowledge to help tend to the needs of each individual’s skin. At times they may be dealing with very sensitive issues surrounding a client’s skin health and confidence, and so it is vital that therapists maintain a safe and open environment free of judgement, where clients can feel comfortable to share their insecurities and be empowered to make a difference.

There are different sectors of the industry to explore, and it is possible to pursue a more clinical approach to skin therapy as opposed to the beauty side. Pursuing something such as a dermal therapy course or course in dermal science will give you greater knowledge and insight into the more medical side of skin therapy, covering such topics as removal of skin tags, hair, tattoos and leg veins, scarring, wound healing, inflammatory conditions and pre and post-operative skin care.

Here at New Zealand Beauty School, we offer a range of short beauty courses and facial courses to get you started on your journey. A facial skin care course or skin facial courses are an excellent way to equip yourself with a firm foundation of dermatological knowledge to ground you in the business. Whether you are just starting out or are perhaps looking to take a facial refresher course, New Zealand Beauty School is here to guide you on your way to achieving your beauty goals.

Our Certificate in Facials will teach you transferable skills about how to properly care for and nourish skin to a professional spa-ready level. As well as general skincare and maintenance, you will also learn facial massage, a relaxing and stimulating service to take skin well-being to a deeper level for your clients.

Become a facial expert with an online course at New Zealand Beauty School.

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