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How do you make handmade fans?

handmade fans being added to a person's eyelashes

Eyelash extensions! We can’t help but admire and swoon over the semi-permanent lashes. They not only boost our confidence, but bring our makeup game to the next level. The art and technique of Eyelash Extensions have become so popular in recent years too. From more natural and tame-looking lashes to bold statement looks, there is a lash extension that suits everyone’s style. But why waste your time applying individual lashes, when you can easily master the art of extension fans? In this blog, we explore the ways you can make handmade fans and the reasons why these fans have become the new go-to style. 

But before we jump in straight into the tips and tricks, let’s quickly go over what eyelash fans are, how to properly assemble them, and why handmade fans are better than individual extensions. 

What are handmade fans?

The exciting art of eyelash extension offers a variety of looks for beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The types of eyelash extensions themselves can be divided into individual lashes or volume fans. 

As the names suggest, individual lashes are semi-permanent fibre hairs that are individually placed and attached to natural lashes. These types of extensions are perfect for those seeking a more natural finish that doesn’t draw too much attention to the eyes. 

But if you’re looking for a bolder look and design, then volume fans may be the choice for you. With a few individual lashes already attached at the base, volume fans naturally steal the spotlight. 

However, you might now be wondering…what’s the difference between handmade and volume fans, and why are handmade fans preferred in the art of Eyelash Extensions?

To make it simple, handmade fans are eyelash extensions that are created when multiple individual hairs are placed together and applied to natural lashes. The reason why handmade fans are favoured over premade volume fans is that handmade fans offer more control and creativity. 

With the ability to design lashes of any thickness and fullness, they offer us the freedom to create our exact desired look. 

And so, with this amazing benefit in mind, now let’s go over the steps and the best tips on creating the perfect handmade fans

How to make handmade fans

  1. First and foremost, you want to assemble all the necessary tools and applicators you might need for creating eyelash fans
  1. Next, begin by removing a few individual fibre lashes from the strip. Depending on how fluffy and full you want to overall extensions to look, collect as many lash extensions as needed
  2. Then, place the individual lashes next to one another and arrange them into a fan-like structure
  3. Once the handmade fans are created, dip them into eyelash adhesive and place them on top of the natural lashes
  4. And you’re done!

Even though the process of creating handmade fan lashes seems simple enough, any beauty technician will tell you that it’s much harder than it looks. That is why, if you want to perfect the art of Eyelash Extensions, we offer the perfect solution to enhance your lash game. 

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Apart from receiving an Eyelash Extension certificate, you will also have a custom-designed beauty kit straight to your doorstep. Strip lashes, volume extensions, ultra plus fast-drying pads and tweezers are just some of the goodies you’ll find in your custom-designed toolbox. 

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