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How long does it take to become a makeup artist?

makeup artist doing a woman's makeup

Admit it – the glamorous world of beauty and makeup is something you can’t get enough of. From the gorgeous makeup looks that brighten up our Instagram feeds, to the stunning skill and expertise of up and coming makeup artists (MUAs) on TikTok, makeup artistry is slowly changing the game. Over the last couple of years, the beauty industry has seen an impressive boom in working MUAs and professional cosmetologists. This sparks the questions – is it hard to join the beauty industry, and how long does it take to become a makeup artist? In this blog, we’re going to break down the time frame and all the necessary steps to become a certified MUA.

When it comes to getting started in the cosmetics and beauty industry, it all depends on the path you choose to take. As the makeup world is wonderfully versatile and diverse, it may take anywhere between a couple of weeks to years before an individual can call themselves a true makeup professional. 

Makeup school: 3-4 years

Cosmetology and makeup schools are undeniably some of the most popular paths that promising MUAs embark on. Receiving a formal education and a degree are definitely not easy tasks to accomplish, as it takes years, and sometimes even decades to complete. But for those who love to delve deeper into research and the theoretical aspects of beauty, 3 to 4 years is worth the wait for becoming a makeup artist.

Self-taught:  months-years

Another popular way you can become a makeup artist is by following the so-called ‘self-taught’ method. Many of the most popular MUAs and influencers you see on social media actually started their makeup journey by grabbing their makeup brushes, and devoting time and effort into crafting their skill. And while at first glance, going the self-taught route may sound the fastest and easiest – don’t be fooled. 

When it comes to becoming a self-taught makeup artist, the time frames may vary. Some MUAs might only need a few months of non-stop work and dedication, while others may need a little bit longer. Again, the self-taught path depends on the artist’s free time and commitment to the craft. So, if you want to pursue makeup artistry on a professional level, we suggest keeping a consistent and persistent study schedule. 

Beauty courses online: weeks-months

For those seeking to master the art of makeup artistry and beauty techniques, then enrolling and joining beauty courses online may be the best bet. With only a few weeks of training, short courses online provide the perfect solution for eager and excited MUAs looking to take their first step into this stunning industry. That is why our Makeup Artistry beauty course is a great fit for up-and-coming makeup artists and future professionals. 

Thanks to courses you can study online, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your theoretical and practical knowledge in the comfort of your own home. 

Along with comprehensive video tutorials and in-depth learning materials provided, our beauty courses will help you take your makeup artistry skills to the next level. With industry professionals guiding you through every step, to the custom-designed makeup kit that will arrive at your door, our beauty courses online are made for those who wish to become experts in the beauty industry. And with just a few weeks of training and coaching, our Makeup Artistry course is too good to miss out on. 

So, what option appeals most for you? If you’d like to dip your toe into studying makeup artistry, without having to make the financial or time commitment to enrolling in a beauty school, then our online course may be the solution for you! 

Join our exciting and innovative Makeup Artistry course today, and become a professional MUA in no time!

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