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Why an online beauty course is better

Study beauty online

Have you always dreamed of creating fashion shoot fantasies, mastering breathtaking makeup, or setting up a successful home salon? Then you might think the only route there is by training in beauty therapy in a crowded classroom. But you’d be wrong. 

Can you study beauty online? Absolutely! The future is digital, which is why more and more students are realising the incredible benefits online learning has to offer. We’ve compiled all the most compelling reasons to study beauty at home. So read on, and you’ll see that to fulfil your dream to study beauty in New Zealand is as easy as clicking a button!

1 Safety First 

2020 has opened all our eyes to a new way of living. With the outbreak of Covid-19, it could be a long time before beauty can be taught in classrooms again. Learning online means there’s no need for uncomfortable PPE, social distancing worries or tricky travel restrictions. What better way to use your lockdown than to start that course you’ve always wished you had time for? 

Instead of choosing where to study beauty – choose wherever you like! Start fresh, master your skills and upgrade your career, all from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can practice all of the essential techniques on any lucky household members, maybe even graduating in time for the return of salons opening fully in 2021.

2 Business Is Booming 

Why study beauty? Well according to market overviews, beauty services are projected to achieve record strong revenue growth after the pandemic, with customers waiting in anticipation for the chance to return to the services they miss. Beauty is a lucrative career, with good things ahead. 

But in an ever-changing and growing market, it’s therefore super important to keep upgrading your skills. Staying on top of trends and offering clients unforgettable treatments means you’ll build a strong and successful career. More beauty skills = more happy clients = more profits!

3 Flexibility Rocks

In your busy modern life, maybe you’ve already considered beauty courses before. And maybe you’ve had to push those dreams aside. If you already have a job, a hectic family life or other important responsibilities, pausing it all to complete a course is impractical, right? 

But, that’s the beauty of online study beauty courses. That passion and drive can still be put to use, with learning that fits around your daily life. With our 24-hour access courses, you enjoy self-paced and flexible studies with unrestricted access to the contents. No matter what time of day you’d like to dip into your training, your dream career will be there waiting to get started.

4 Learn Your Way

Are you a YouTube beauty addict? Or perhaps your guilty pleasure is a good beauty business blog? If you love nothing more than practising a cut crease in your bedroom or curling up with the latest trends, home study courses are perfect for you. 

Our course materials are part video and part text. So whichever way you learn, we’ll help you get there. Brilliant beauty careers are about the best skills and tons of practice. So upgrade from YouTube tutorials to your own salon with an online course STAT.

5 Study Support 

Studying online can seem scary if you worry you’ll be alone. But the best part of an online course is the contact hours aren’t restricted to classroom time. You’ll receive full support and guidance throughout your course, with tutors available for any questions you may have via phone and email 6 days a week!

6 Cost-Effective   

As we now know, you don’t have to quit your job to study beauty. An online course can work around you. But there are other benefits too. Without expensive travel costs, lunch at the canteen and more time for yourself – you’ll be saving in more ways than one. 

Plus we operate with payment plans to help spread the cost of your future-self investment. Choose between an interest-free payment plan of $20-$35 per week, which also includes all the equipment you need for your course. Custom-designed and sent directly to your door, with all the tools needed to kickstart your new skills to build a glowing career!

7 Go Green 

Online learning is good for the planet as well as your pockets. The Open University in Britain found that online courses use around 90% less energy and emit 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student, compared with traditional courses. This is because you won’t need to travel to and from the classroom, have to purchase paper educational materials, use energy-burning college facilities or move to another home closer to the course. All of which means you can do your bit for the environment, and achieve your own personal beauty goals too!

8 You’ll learn More

With an online beauty course, you’ll learn in a way that suits you and a time that suits you. But you could even learn better too! A study at The Research Institute of America found e-Learning increases information retention by up to 60%. That’s a big boost of skills to be saving! So as well as cost-efficient, you’ll be time-efficient too.

If you’ve been asking yourself “where can I study beauty?” we think you’ll agree the answer is “wherever you want!”

It’s why we started our courses. Because we believe beauty education should be accessible to everyone. No matter your backgrounds, experience or knowledge. Courses created specifically for you, to be flexible and fit into your lifestyle and include the highest quality training. Enrol today and discover the industry-secrets and top skills to become a world-class beauty boss! We are ready when you are.

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