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Our guide to perfecting winged eyeliner on hooded eyes

Close up of one eye with winged eyeliner

Windows to the soul, our eyes can tell stories we don’t even realise we’re telling. They can make us appear warm, cold, surprised, unsure, afraid, full of wonder, and best of all, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, each pair completely unique to the person they belong to.

But although finding makeup to suit your eye type can sometimes feel like a challenge, rest assured that there will be a look that makes you feel your best. 

And what about emulating classic looks on different eye types, we hear you ask? We’ve got you!

Today on the agenda for New Zealand Beauty School makeup lessons – how to do winged eyeliner on hooded eyes.

Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

Eyes are considered ‘hooded’ in shape when the eyelids are obstructed by a small amount of excess skin, creating a so-called ‘hood’ over the eye. This means there is less lid space on show as a foundation for various eye makeup looks, but this should not be seen as a hindrance – anything is possible if you know how!

Winged liner is one of the most classic eye looks in the book and can be particularly fetching on hooded eyes, lifting the turned-down eye shape to make eyes appear bigger and brighter. 

Benefits of winged eyeliner infographic

Here are a few handy steps to make applying winged eyeliner to hooded eyes a walk in the park!

Step 1

Make sure to keep your eyes open, as opposed to trying to close one and open the other. Keeping your eye as open as you can will ensure that you get a balanced view of how the liner will look on the open eye – you don’t want to leave this up to guesswork!

Step 2

Draw an outline of the eyeliner shape you want; start small and build up for better precision. We recommend doing this step with an eyeliner pencil as the ink is less prone to smudging than a liquid liner. Make sure your face is relaxed so that you can create a more even look that won’t distort when making different facial expressions. You want to aim to line the pencil up with the corner of your nose and the corner of your eye and then draw your line out towards the tail of the eyebrow.

Step 3

For a more slick, defined look, you can go over your pencil liner with a liquid liner and create clear lines by tidying any edges up with concealer.

And there we have it – pretty simple, huh! 

The key to any makeup look is practice. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it perfect the first time, as with time, you will totally be able to achieve this striking classic eye look. 

Winged eyeliner tips infographic

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