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The most coveted makeup minis – What you should pack these holidays

Beauty products in a toiletry back

Many of us will know the stress of packing up toiletries before a holiday…the liquid restrictions, lack of suitcase space and fear of suitcase leaks can wreak havoc on pre-holiday prep!

Luckily, we have just the solution.

Mini travel makeup kits are just the thing for anyone who wants to look good on the go – without the restrictions of travel packing procedures. Mini versions of high-end makeup products have become more and more popular as the demand and draw of modern travel has increased. Not only are these mini versions often cheaper than their full-size counterparts, but they also go quite a long way…literally!

In this blog, we go through some of the must-haves to remember when packing up your holiday bags, as well as popular mini-makeup products on the market today.

Let’s get going!

Consider your destination

The first and most important step is to consider where you are travelling to. 

What will the temperature/weather be like? Blazing sun or harsh winds and snow? Are you headed to an island in paradise or a thriving city? All of these factors are important to consider when thinking about makeup and skincare.

Once all the holiday details are finalised and booked, you can get to work shopping for some travel-size beauty products to tide you over on your adventure. Think about what your skin tends to need on a daily basis, what products you use the most and research whether there are smaller versions of your favourites.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we would recommend purchasing small travel pots and bottles so that you can transfer contents from your larger products.

Holiday must-haves

So, what are the essential mini versions of your favourite makeup and beauty products to remember on your travels?

Check out our checklist:


  • Moisturiser – Whether you are travelling to sunny beaches or chilly mountains, moisturiser is a must. Your skin’s moisture can be highly affected by travel and different temperatures, so making sure you keep your skin supple whatever the weather will have you feel picture-perfect-ready when capturing those holiday snaps.
  • Sunscreen – This goes without saying, but sunscreen should be applied every day, even in the cold. From the hottest sunshine to the sun reflecting off the snowy slopes, international travel will always require a good supply of solar protection.
  • Makeup remover – Although many of us are probably guilty of not taking our makeup off before bed, it is a good habit to get into – especially on holiday. Makeup and sweat residue can clog pores and cause breakouts, as well as just leave our skin feeling dull and undernourished. Grab yourself a mini bottle of makeup remover, and never leave mascara marks on white hotel linen ever again.
  • Primer – Properly prepping your face for a day of exploring is a must. Using a primer will help keep your makeup in place as you explore cities and walk through the jungles, as well as offering a barrier for your skin to lock in moisture.
Holiday Skincare infographic

Mini makeup and beauty bits 

  • Concealer/blemish stick – Having a mini corrector stick will always be handy on long days out and holiday adventures, allowing you to reapply as needed.
  • Mascara – Pop it in your purse and have luscious lashes anywhere in the world!
  • Mini makeup palette – These are super handy for travel kits, offering a mixture of eyeshadows, contours and blushes all in one nifty palette.
  • Mini makeup brushes – Rather than packing your full-sized beauty brushes, opt for mini versions or sponges to minimise suitcase space but maximise your look.
  • Mini foundation and perfume samples – Never underestimate the power of samples. Whether from your local makeup counter or out of a magazine, free perfume or makeup samples can go much further than you think.
Mini makeup essentials infographic

Popular mini makeup products

Looking for mini makeup available in New Zealand? We’ve got you covered.

Here are some of our favourite mini beauty products, perfect for packing:

Skin prep

Mini makeup

Finishing touches

Life-sized beauty

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