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The must have products for every lash aficionado

Lash products

Long, luscious lashes are a classic, sought-after beauty look. Does anything else create the same dramatic, look-at-me effect? We think not! 

And for us professional beauticians, demand for lash services never been higher, precisely because lashes are no longer the reserve of the red carpet and A-list elite.  The global cosmetics market size was valued at $380.2 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $463.5 billion by 2027! 

So being able to serve amazing looks to your clients will be in demand whereveer you choose to work from. The Bambi-like, oh-so-feminine appearance of faux lashes is something we can all now enjoy, and pass on to our happy clients.

In this blog, we take a look at the must-have products every lash enthusiast needs to complete their beauty toolkit. So you know exactly what you need to have to hand, in order to become a real lash pro.  

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Eye pads

Who doesn’t love an under-eye pad? Protecting the delicate skin of the eye during application, eye pads provide a soothing, comforting experience for the client. Importantly, eye pads will secure the bottom lashes and prevent sticking during the lashing process.

Extension tape

While the aim of using eye pads is to tightly keep those bottom lashes in place, some may be stubborn and stay untamed! This is where your extension tape comes in. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the eye area, medical grade surgical tape is best to use, to minimise impact and to leave the least residue. Without securing the bottom lashes, you risk them mixing with the extensions and glue, which could lead to a dangerous, sticky situation. Always have some tape on standby, just in case! 

Primer and microbrushes

Just as a makeup artist primes the face before application, a good lash primer preps the best base for lash application. By removing excess oils, dust, debris or leftover cosmetics from natural lashes, you ensure the smoothest application and longer-lasting results. 

A good primer gets rid of any contaminating material and ensures you get the best retention from the adhesive you use. How is primer applied? Using two disposable microbrushes: one for underneath and one for on top of the eyelash. These allow the primer to cleanse the lash thoroughly while protecting the eye.

Eyelash adhesive

Otherwise known as the glue, the adhesive is a fundamental part of your eyelash application toolbox! Remember, once opened, the shelf life of a bottle is around one month. The potency of the product also decreases with time. For these reasons, it’s important to take note of the expiration dates and storage requirements. Two things you need to consider when choosing an adhesive are: 

Colour: Black is most commonly used due to the majority of clients getting black eyelashes. However clear eyelash glue may be the better option for brown or coloured lash application. Some people are allergic to the carbon black ingredient in black adhesive and may need to use clear glue instead. There are brands that create product specifically to cater to sensitive eyes, such as Lady Black with their Lady Black Glue product. It’s always good to be prepared and have several options in your supply kit, in case of emergencies.

Drying Time: Only very experienced professionals should use fast-drying adhesives. They give little room for error – in some cases drying within 2 seconds. For newcomers to the beauty biz game, slow drying is best. It also has the least amount of chemicals that cause sensitivity. Remember, inside/outside temperatures affect drying time so on a hot or humid day, or likewise in a warm room, drying time decreases. 

Eyelash adhesive remover

Remover is one product you never know when you might need. It comes in gel, cream or liquid form. In case of mistakes, allergic reaction or a client who is unhappy with the look they’ve received, it’s always worth having adhesive remover on hand. No one wants a do-over, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Your adhesive remover is a friend at times like this!

Eyelash extensions

High-quality, natural-looking lashes are crucial to creating looks customers will love. This means deciding between natural or synthetic lashes, as well as the curl, thickness or length of the lash extensions. Mink and silk lashes are made from natural materials, while synthetic lashes hold curls better, as this is what they’ve been designed to do. 

Curl: From a straighter J-Curl to a dramatic D-Curl, the client may prefer a natural or more attention-grabbing effect. Of course, the type of curl will depend on the eye shape and natural lash angle of the client – everyone is different!

Thickness (Diameter): If too thick, the lashes will fall out early. To prevent shorter retention time, always match the thickness to the client’s natural lash thickness.

Length: Lash lengths can range from 5mm-20mm. Again, how you choose will depend on the look desired as well as the natural shape of the client’s eye and eyelash length. Between 2-3mm longer than a client’s natural lash will give the most flattering, long-lasting result.

lash essentials products

Lash brushes

Keeping lashes upright and separated will make sure they don’t stick. But how to do this? …Enter the lash brush, a beauty tool must for flawless application! 

To ensure lash extensions adhere at the correct angle, lash brushes keep each strand in order. You can even give your client a few to take home to help groom their lashes for optimal maintenance and upkeep. 

Lash tweezers

One of the most essential tools needed to begin the luscious lash process – tweezers! You’ll use these for all of your clients, so making sure you choose the right kind is essential to a job well done. In other words, the size and tension of your tweezers is uber important.

Tweezers should fit comfortably in your hand, and the tension will dictate the grip you have on the lashes, as well as the precision of the application. Let’s have a look at the types of tweezers you need to get started…

Isolation Tweezers: These are used on the natural lashes. Straight with a slight curve, they keep the natural lash in place so application is clean. 

Lashing Tweezers: As the name goes, these are used for lash application. Straight tweezers have a tapered end, with a straight fine tip making the lashes easier to pick up. Volume extension tweezers have an S Shape and provide a tight grip. The curved tip means you can pick up more than one lash extension at the same time, while the grip helps to fan the lash for maximum volume! 

Lash tile and crystal stone

Staying organised while applying lash extensions is a basic but vital part of the application process. Thankfully, there are product accessories so you don’t need to think about it.

A jade/crystal stone will keep your glue at a cool temperature while you work with the lash. By regulating the temperature, it slows down drying of the adhesive. A lash tile will keep your lashes neatly arranged and within easy reach, making for a smooth process. Two small tools that can make a real difference to the work you do! 


Last but not least (or should we say lash but not least!) the bare essentials: disposables. Disposable items such as cotton swabs, headbands, sponges and oil-free makeup remover should be part of your kit and close to hand, so you can prep the face before application begins. These products stop hair falling near the eyes and are needed to cleanse the eye area prior to applying eye pads or using lash primer. Always be prepared! 

So there you have it, the must-have products for every lash aficionado – the vital tools you’ll need to create camera-ready, bat-worthy eyelashes. 

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